Our Online Identities and the Price Tag of the Social Capital tied to them…

The Army is no longer the only place where you can “be all you want to be”, you can now do that on social media also. The below podcast will explore the capital tied to social networking sites, and how that shapes the identities of predominately young impressionable adults. Take a listen…https://soundcloud.com/user-540141069/our-online-identities-the-price-on-social-capital Podcast Resources: Ihlen, […]

New Tech, New Ties : The Remix

Recently, I was challenged with writing a brief synopsis of Rich Ling’s “New Tech, New Ties. This book focuses on the impact that mobile devices, as a form of computer-mediated communication, have reshaped our lives, and therefore, altered social cohesion. This paper highlights some of the notable theories present in this book, and addresses both […]

10 Necessary Steps in Brand Building & Identity

If you buy or purchase products, chances are, you submit to a brand. Whether it be your favorite toothpaste Crest, workout gear Under Armor, or salad dressing Ranch/Hidden Valley, these brands makeup products we consume on a daily basis. The significance of the brands we choose to support tells us just as much about ourselves […]

Barnes & Noble, A Potential Casualty of a Social Media War….

This new age of social media, has the power to create instant and spontaneous change for both the good and the bad. Due to most of us having 24/7 access to our mobile devices, we are able to engage or entertain newsworthy events nonstop. We may often encounter positive or feel good stories such as […]

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