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Never Ending First Impressions….

Add a post to your WordPress blog and embed the presentation in your blog post. In your blog post, you should accompany your SoundCloud with a written reflection of at least three paragraphs (500-1000 words) that describes (1) what you learned about the content you presented by making this presentation, (2) what you learned about media production by making this presentation, and (3) how you pushed yourself beyond your previous skills in media production to complete this project.

Impressions are made during the initial meeting, but they are built during our increased interactions with one another. I can count on both hands, how many times people have told me that they thought I was mean or “Stuck up” prior to getting to know me. These perceptions developed in their mind, likely based on stereotypical assumptions that derived from what they believed to be character traits for certain type of people. The problem is, those assumptions were formed based on non verbal communication, so they were flawed to begin with. 

This presentation on Goffman’s impression analysis, confirms how we have to be both careful and creative with managing our own impressions, and not falling victim to the impressions that others want to place on us. We have to control and shape our own narrative, if we are to remain true to our identity. 

Goffman gives us insight on how to do this through impression management, framing, footing, and face. These concepts shed light upon processes of relationship building, identification and image constructing. He analyses the relationship between interpersonal meanings and social structure, paying attenting to both the symbolic value of what is said and done and the more abstract forms of social life. Through his works, we are able to deepen our understanding of how the social world is experienced and reproduced (Ihlen, O., Fredriksson, M. 2018, p. 253). 

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Through the creation of this digital work, I was able to combine useful resources in order to try and tell a more effective and impactful story. I searched for videos that offered the content I needed in hopes that the audience could further understand my necessary plight of story telling. Consequently, to do so, I had to rely more so on my strengths such as vocal tone and presence to engage my audience past the first minute. Hopefully the fruits of my labor will be seen in the below video.


Ihlen, O., Fredriksson, M. (2018). Public Relations and Social Theory. New York, NY.   Routledge 


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