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Exactly 705 days ago, I embarked on an educational journey at Queens University of Charlotte, in order to obtain my Masters in Communications. Although, fear and hesitation almost crippled me from initially proceeding… (due to the amount of time that had lapsed since I was in school and also now being a full-fledged full time employee), I still went against the grain to pursue matriculation through the online MA program at the Knight School of Communication.

Despite the program seeming to fly by, the journey to reach this point has not come without some long nights, canceled weekend plans, and extreme dedication, in order to get here. Nonetheless, with hardwork and perseverance, I have managed to complete the program with no delays and having gained additional knowledge that is unmeasurable. After having mastered 4 Fall courses, 4 Spring courses, and 4 Summer courses, I cherish the weekly correspondence and group projects with individuals who have become virtual friends, teachers that have guided pupils on how to apply what is learned to everyday life, and a virtual atmosphere fostered at Queens that made it all possible.

This page walks you through each course, and the theoretical premise or knowledge that was gained as a result of those teachings. Here’s a quick video of me explaining why I benefited so greatly from the communications program offered here at Queens University.

Why I Chose Queens University


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